To keep your router secure & safe from other users, you must change its default router password. Every router comes with their default password, just like our today router, Tplink router. Tplink router is one of the advanced routers, which features various security features. Your router can’t be secured, with the presence of your various security features, until you don’t change its default password. It is because, it is highly recommended to change the default router password, as the default password, can be known easily. Any user can check the manual and know what is your router default password? If you are not aware of this thing, today is your chance to know, how to change your Tplink wifi router default password. We will use the Tplink router default web address, which is It is because, without login to your router interface, you can’t change router password. So, we will provide you the steps, which will help you in changing the Router password. Take a look at steps given below, & feel free to ask any question.

How to Login to Tplink Wifi Router Web Interface?

• Choose the connection you are using, wired or wireless.

• In case, you have a wireless connection, connect the router to the wireless network.

• Choose the network, from the Wi-Fi list, displayed on your device & connect to it, by providing a wireless password. Here you need to keep in mind, router password & wifi network password is different. Don’t get confused in both.

• Wired connection user, must connect their Ethernet cable, to any of the LAN ports of your router.

• Next, launch a web browser on your device. Choose the browser which is supported by your Tplink wifi router.

• Now, enter the, into browser address bar. Don’t forget to put http:// before the web address.

• Key in default tplink router login credentials. By default, Tplink router uses Admin for both the options.

Steps to Change Admin Password of Tplink Router

• Once you successfully, login to your router interface, go ahead and visit Advanced settings.

• Under the advanced settings, look for System Tools & then the Administration page.

• When you reach to the Administration page, locate for Account Management section.

• You will see a window of Account Management, in which you will be asked to put old password & fresh password twice.

What If You Forget Tplink Router Customized Password?

This is a common issue Tplink router users customized, their router password, and forgets it later. In that case, you can reset your device, to its factory defaults. Once your device comes back to its factory default settings, you can use its default password, once again. Default password can be found on router label and even in the manuals. One thing, which you keep in mind when you reset your device it automatically gets detached from the network. Not only the router, but you also lose its customized settings, preferences and network devices. So, we can only advice you, you better take advice from us, before you take any step. We are available round the clock for your assistance.