Tp-link routers are quite in trend these days. It is because Tp-link router can serve any home network high-speed internet all day long. If you have small home or Office, Tp-link can deliver desirable internet connectivity. So, if you need a quality router which can keep your devices connected to each other Tp-Link router is for you. Tplink router has a number of features and settings that ensure safety in terms user personal and their network information. Tp-link router not only limited to just modem router, but it also has wifi high-speed routers as well.  So, you are welcomed on the that has all the required information regarding your TP-Link router. Doesn’t matter if you wish to know tp link quick setup, tp link router setup page or tp link login, you will get everything here.

Key Features of Tp-link Router


Unmatched Speed

Your Tp-link login has the capability to handle various data streaming at the same time. Tp-link router provides up to 300Mbps wireless connection with added 802.11n wireless devices. It means you can connect your every device to Tp-link router without having fear of losing internet connection. With a tp-link router, you can enjoy unmatched networking experience at the speed of 650% which is faster than usual 802.11g. Your Tp-link router is also compatible with IEEE 802.11b and IEEE 802.11g devices.

Security Features

No router can work better until it doesn’t have security features. Our router is first defense between hackers and network. It protects our important data from others, all because of security features. Tplink router has important security features such as wireless LAN 64/128/152-bit WEP encryption, SSID broadcast control WiFi protected Accesses. Along with this, advanced Firewall protections are also there in the router to ensure complete data privacy. With tp link router admin page, or tp-link login you can personalize settings to ensure router is protected.

Easy Installation

When we bought any device the first thing that comes to our mind is their setup and installation. Without this, we can’t proceed further or make use of the device. Tp-link router comes with easy installation procedure which helps in managing router accurately. Tp link quick setup wizard has detailed and supported instructions which help in installingand setup router via tplinkwifi net. So, prior accessing tp link router setup page via, ensure you go through router manual.

Adjustable Access Control

Tp-link router has a flexible access control. It means you can create limited access rules for your children’s and office staff. These access controls come in the form of features such as parental control and guest access control. The router also supports DMZ host for Port Triggering and Virtual Server. With these, network administrators can monitor the network in real via remote management utility.

How to Connect the Tp-link Router?

You need to connect the Tp-link router before you install it. Check if, your computer is connected to an active internet connection? In case, there is an issue do contact your internet service provider. Afterward, install your Tp-link router and setup router via tplinkwifi net.

  • First, turn off your computer, DSL/Cable Modem and then Tp-link router.
  • Look out for a location, where you can put your router away from any type of interference. The best place to locate your router is the midpoint of your wireless network.
  • Next, adjust the antennas of your router, upright direct is best to receive stable signals.
  • Now, connect your computer or Control/Hub in LAN to the LAN Ports on the Tp-link Router.
  • Here, you need to attach Cable/DSL Modem to the WAN port of the Tp-link router.
  • Connect your power adapter to the power outlet on Tplink router. Put its other end into an electrical outlet. After this, the router will start working by default.
  • Switch on your Tp-link router and Cable/DSL Modem.

Enable Security Features in Tp link Router Admin Page

Tp-Link router has four submenus under the menu of Security.


Basic Security: - In basic security feature, you get the features to configure such as Firewall, SPI Firewall, and VPN.

Advanced Security: - When you access tp link router setup page, you can reach to the advanced security section. In this section, you can save your router from being attacked by UDP Flood, TCP-SYN Flood, and ICMP-Flood

Local Management: - This section decides what management rules will get followed in the router settings. Management feature lets a user decline computers in LAN to access the router.

Remote Management: - With this section, you can start managing your Tp-Link router remotely by using the internet. Options like Web Management Port and Remote Management IP Address comes under this section.

All you need to do is click on any of them and get started.

Troubleshoot Connection Issue in Tplink Router

Issue: - What if you have successfully connected Tplink router to the network and still not access internet connection?

Solution: - Initially, check if wireless network connection of Tplink router has IP address or obtained DNS server address by default?

Or press the Window key or R key on the keyboard at the same time. Next, open the Run application and write CMD’ & then click OK. Afterwards, Type ‘ipconfig –all’ in next window and then Press enter key.

In case, IP address gets displayed =, try to renew your IP address. Here, type ‘ipconfig –renew to receive IP address once again. If you still, don’t get the proper IP address, ensure, you enable DHCP function on your TP-link router.